Migration Pardes, 2021
Available in Hebrew

Migration book cover

Hadayana lives a life of blissful contemplation on the banks of a great celestial river, until one day gravity descends on her.

She finds herself in our world, getting to know earth and the earthly elements in her, as they awaken and manifest themselves as impulses, senses, and layers of memory. Miriam runs an archive of testimonies from a dark era of humanity, whose details emerge as the narrative unfolds. She shifts between the testimonies and the elusive present, and between the weight of collective trauma and her own personal past. Ulrich, a once-great musician, is struggling to find his way out of loneliness and constriction. On a small island, somewhere in space and time, they meet.

This is a story of humanity recollecting itself; of materialization and dissolution, of the heights of the spirit rooted and nurtured by the deep, dark undergrounds. This is a story immersed in love – love for humankind, for living beings and growing things; for the sea, the wind and the sun; for word and sound.

Editor: Vered Zinger
Cover design: Yael Bar-Dayan

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