Michal Barnea-Astrog

Michal Barnea-Astrog

Michal Barnea-Astrog, PhD, is a researcher of psychoanalysis and Buddhism, a senior Hakomi trainer, a lecturer, and therapist in private practice.

She studied the Refined Hakomi Method in the UK and is the founder and head of the Three-Year Hakomi Training in Israel.

She is the author of Carved by Experience (Karnac, 2017), Psychoanalytic and Buddhist Reflections on Gentleness (Routledge, 2019) and Migration (Pardess, 2021), and has been a Vipassana meditator for most of her adult life.

Coeditor (with Mitchel Becker) of "Relational Conversations on Meeting and Becoming: The Birth of a True Other" (Routledge, in press).